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A Preview of Trusty Bell

I recently played through the demo of Trusty Bell, or Eternal Sonata as Americans may know it. I just have to say, I am incredibly impressed. The many facets of this game contain details that I really miss in RPGs. The battle system is like a combination of what you would see in the Tales and Star Ocean games, but with a time-based,turn-based spin to it. This makes you think about how you should use you moves in the few seconds that you have. There is a lot more to it, but if you have an Xbox360, I highly recommend everyone to give it a shot. It's really fun!

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Sometimes, NOT watching your kids yields hilarious results.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Microsoft Surface

Here it is

Added Trailer

I added the recently unveiled trailer for FFIV DS. It's on that bar...on the upper right-had

Friday, May 25, 2007

One Can Hope

You see, this is exactly what should be brought over to the states and all over the world. But, as we know, it probably won't fly over here. The U.S. is full of amazing opportunities for people and the country takes what it can to apply to it's own culture. Unfortunately, I think that Americans are not open minded enough to think that this would be profitable enough. Can't say I blame them though. Kids these days are fucking morons. The adults are to blame too. While our country represents all cultures of the world, the largest factor from these cultures represented is fear. "Oh no. We couldn't POSSIBLY think of using of a different method to teach our children. Besides, they'll probably just play mindless games on their DS' anyway, so what's the point?" The point is that our education system sucks...and I mean really sucks. Maybe if we applied education to something that kids like, then maybe it would be easier for them to assimilate knowledge into their lives.

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I remember a year or 2 back when I went to n-sider and saw the luscious new screens for the DS remake of III. For them to remake my favorite video game of all time, I was quite ecstatic. Now this happens, and while I am a bit worried about the 2D to 3D translation of IV, I can't help but drool over these screens. Plus, some of the team that worked on the original will be working on this one along with the team that worked on the III remake. I thought the 3D representations of the characters and bosses were perfect, and I'm confident in what I'm seeing so far in this promo. I just hope that they keep a quick battle speed. One thing that bothered me a bit was the remake of III felt the tiniest bit sluggish compared to it's Famicom counterpart. Other than that, I am confidant this game will do a great job at retelling a classic story.

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Mario: Back in Brooklyn

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One of Nine: Shade

I had originally created the design for this character 4 years ago along with 8 others. I intend to design them again. Hopefully I'll be able to bring them into the video game I want to make.


This is pure fun

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The Impossible Levels

This is amazing. Thank you, Kristin!

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Project S

Project: S is Project: Snatcher!!! But it's not exactly what you might think it is. Listen to find out!

Also, Kojima's feeling about SSBB in it's current state!

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Egnimatic Knight

If you haven't played Kingdom Hearts 2, please don't watch this. For those who did, you know very well who this is, and already know how much he will obliterate the competition.

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The Scientist

This one was fun. I felt my characters weren't expressive enough, so I tried something like this out.

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Oh Sony...

You know, back in high school, I would have dreaded the fact of Microsoft even touching Final Fantasy. So much has happened, however, since then and now I feel more comfortable now with this whole non-exclusivity deal. This is such a major blow. I never thought it was really gonna go through...but...well, I guess that's that.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Scratch Shadow

2nd Collection

Drawing this was partially inspired by the second DBZ movie.

This was the first one I scanned in a sketch. There are just some things that are better done in pencil first.

By the time I had finished drawing the body, I was already cutting away half of it and covering it with armor.


Hilarious RE2 Video

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Crimson Void

This took me about 8 hours. It's one I'm quite proud of. When I was drawing the knight, I kept coming back to a bunch of Amano drawings. I love the horned but elegant look he uses. The rings were partially inspired from the final battle in FFIX. In the field, there was this cool Colosseum-like ring surrounding you and the boss. It was on a much grander scale, though.

1st Collection

I was thinking of going to do more of the mountain, but I was lazy at the time and felt clouds would be the perfect cover. Plus, it made the tower contrast more with the sky.

The only thing I can reference here is that the robot's stance is an homage to Starman from the Mother games.

There was a bit of experimentation on this one. I wanted to try a techinque Mike Krahulik used on a piece he did of Gears of War. He did a beautiful job with sunlight reflecting off the back of a character. I don't think I did it exactly the way he did it, but it's close. The clouds were done just by painting white splotches, then using the smudge tool to push it around.

After Work

All I remember when I making this was I wanted to create a living room setting with a guy watching TV.

First Tablet Piece

This is my dad. The original photo used for my first piece on the wacom.

After watching Waking Life, I came to love rotoscoping. I had always loved cel-shading, so I had both in mind when painting this one. Took quite a while.


The whole point of this blog is to start posting art that I do. I'll also share other stuff of interest. Soooo, yeah. Hope you all can enjoy.