Friday, May 25, 2007

One Can Hope

You see, this is exactly what should be brought over to the states and all over the world. But, as we know, it probably won't fly over here. The U.S. is full of amazing opportunities for people and the country takes what it can to apply to it's own culture. Unfortunately, I think that Americans are not open minded enough to think that this would be profitable enough. Can't say I blame them though. Kids these days are fucking morons. The adults are to blame too. While our country represents all cultures of the world, the largest factor from these cultures represented is fear. "Oh no. We couldn't POSSIBLY think of using of a different method to teach our children. Besides, they'll probably just play mindless games on their DS' anyway, so what's the point?" The point is that our education system sucks...and I mean really sucks. Maybe if we applied education to something that kids like, then maybe it would be easier for them to assimilate knowledge into their lives.

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